Happy New Year, Gietz, and other things…

January 1st, 2010 § 8

First of all, I wish all of you out there that this 2010 shall be a year of fortune, fun, happyness and fullfillment of your dreams!
For me this year has started with something turning to its end: Gietz. Which also means that I will be really busy working on it until the final deadline, which is the 11th of January. I will not be able to post anything here until that date… I’m sorry.

Anyway, as soon as that thing will be done, I have a lot of things I want to post here!

8 Responses to “Happy New Year, Gietz, and other things…”

  • scoiattolazzo says:

    Buon lavoro :)
    Sono sicuro sara’ un bellissimo anno.

  • Ben BASSO says:

    Happy new year !

  • rmda says:

    Oh wow, Gietz looks fantastic!
    I´m looking forward to it!

  • Hannes says:

    ehm… unfortunately this is not really gietz… :) will be posting some stuff soon… as soon as I’m done with drawing the last pages… Why must we always be behind scedule?

  • rmda says:

    Hmm, I clicked the link on your startpage. That´s not gietz? :D


    • Hannes says:

      Ah so! Ja das ist Gietz… sorry hatte ich falsch verstanden…

  • RMDA says:

    Macht nix. ;)
    Wo wird Gietz denn erscheinen? Gibts auch eine Englische oder Deutsche Übersetzung?

    • Hannes says:

      vorerst mal nicht… nur in Italien, aber ich schliesse es nicht auss dass es vielleicht auch im ausland veröffentlicht werden könnte…

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