I’m Back!

April 3rd, 2010 § 0

Yes, it’s true, I’m back. This blog is back to normal, there might even be a hundred word story on Thursday. In these last days I really needed to do something else, something not related to drawing, comics, graphics, or anything connected to images. I have used my time in a constructive way though, taken out the soldering iron and experimented a bit with electronics and music.

Here’s something I’ve made (already a couple of weeks ago) using an optical theremin device called Beep-it, which I’ve bought some time ago from a guy called Michael Una (Who makes a lot of really interesting DIY sound devices). I basically added a fan to rhythmically break the light that gets on the photoresistor that controls the oscillator.

Michael apparently really liked the idea, he even featured my work on an article he wrote on Getlofi.com http://www.getlofi.com/?p=2543 which got me all proud of myself!

Since the mod, I have recorded a couple of tracks using this device. The first one is a more refined one, where I used samples from the Beep-it for the rhythm parts, the second one is a more noisy one, where I’ve layered several sounds from the device, recorded live.

In sospensione by rumpelfilter

Beep-it test by rumpelfilter

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