About that day, when I won the price…

September 27th, 2010


Believe me, I didn’t expect it, when I heard them call my name I thought they had just read the wrong part of the paper. But in the end it was all true and and I got the prize as best Italian comic artist, ex aequo with Stefano Raffaele at the Treviso Comicbook Festival 2010. It really feels odd… when I worked on Giètz! I would never had thought that I could win a prize for it!


Anyway, it’s a good feeling, and it was a good day! I spent it drawing “dèdicaces” on the book, and talking to friends.


Btw. I had the great pleasure to sit right next to the great French Author Alfred, who, as so often, turned out to be a really nice and humble person!


(Photos by Sbrizz)

If at this point you’re wondering what this Giètz! is all about, here a couple of “demo” pages:

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