Giétzcovers: Nico, the gravedigger with a trumpet

March 19th, 2012 § 0

gravedigger with a trumpet

For this episode of Giètzcovers I’ve tried to remember how it was when I was drawing Giètz. What was I thinking about? And what music was I actually listening to? No, I wasn’t listening to jazz most of the time. Usually I would listen to some 80s post punk stuff, like Joy Division or the Cure. If I wanted something jazzier I would play Bohren and the Club of Gore or the Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.

So If I had to draw a version of Giètz that reflects what I was actually listening to in that time, it might look a bit more like this one: Nico the gravedigger who likes to play some good old Jazz while shooting some zombies… a mix between Dellamorte Dellamore and Young Man with a Horn.

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