Out now: Spam is the New Dada!

April 30th, 2012

Some time ago I posted this video here:

I don’t know how many saw it, and I can only imagine that few will have actually wondered what it was supposed to be.
Anyway the answer is quite simple: it was a teaser trailer for an album, by some guy whol likes to call himself kurodama, who incidentally is me, or at least one of my identities.

It’s now out! Spam is the New Dada, my latest musical endeavour, can be downloaded for free from Savant at the following address:


On the 30th of April 1993 the Cern officially announced that the world wide web would be free for anyone to use. The internet as we know it was born.

It is now a big part of our lives, information flows in a continuous stream, and we flow with it, always connected.

There is no growing without pains. The singnal that once used to be loud and clean, is getting harder and harder to find, drowned in a sea of gaggeling noise.
Noise is what Kurodama likes to deal with, and the decay of information sometimes, unintentionally produces constructs of surrealistic beauty.

“Spam is the New Dada” is about that, about signal and noise, interference, information decay, content to bullshit ratio and about spam mails that deconstruct language to a point where it almost seems to mimic the work of the artistic avantgarde.
The irony of it all is that spam is much older than the internet itself. The first unsolicited advertising mail was send on the 3rd of May 1978.

You have randomly been picked to recieve this message. It’s all part of our plan.

Spam is the New Dada was released by Savant a sub-netlabel of Mesmerize Records run by Janet M Mars from Chile!

Check out their other releases if you like experimental, electronic stuff, that probes the borders between music and noise. I especiallty recommend Pop Album B by Sam Kaplan

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