Gietzcovers: Music Makers of the World

September 5th, 2012

dead - gietzcovers parody - music makers of the world

For those who don’t know it, Giétz! is a comic about how Jazz music came to Italy in the 50s, a story about a young boy and his trumpet on his way to world fame. I made this book together with Andrea Campanella about two years ago and it’s been a little success (at least for us). We won two prices and the book was reprinted after a year (which is quite rare for little known Italian authors like us).

It took me some time to be able to think about a new project. I even had times when I considered abandoning comics altogether. But as you know I have a new project!

Music Makers of the World has a couple of common traits with Giètz!: both stories are about music and have a young man as a protagonist. So on one hand I like to think about MMotW as an evolution of Giètz! a more personal take on the comic-about-music theme. On the other hand MMotW will be a completely different story, much more surreal and absurd, focusing on the present (and on the future) more than on the past. The story will be full of surreal landscapes, monsters and nighmares, crazy inventions and all those things that I love to draw!

So I think this Giétzcover illustration perfectly represents where MMotW comes from, and now let’s turn the page and think about the future!

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