kvsu – Goaßl, a Noisy Lullaby

maggio 9th, 2013

kvsu – Goaßl, a Noisy Lullaby from kvsu on Vimeo.

So the Museion/Transart/SKB contest winners have been announced yesterday… and we were not among the first 6. My guess is that we didn’t fit into the contemporary art drawer. But maybe there were just some better projects in the contest.

So this project now is free and available, who wants to produce it? :)

more about kvsuwww.kvsu.net

Promo trailer for the upcoming project with the same title. It’s a audiovisual composition for string quartet, Goasslschnölln (whip cracking), live-electronics and videosynthesis.
Music: kvsu
Camera and Editing: Alessio Vasarin
Cello: Federica Ragnini
Whip crackers: Latscher Tuiflverein

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