Shruthi-1 — Yellow Magic edition

October 8th, 2012

yellow magic sticker

This one you see above is a sticker I designed together with Elisabeth for the French DIY Synth maker Mutable Instruments and his latest incarnation of the Shruthi-1 synthesizer.

This new version is called Yellow Magic and uses a 2 pole, 12db low-pass filter in conjunction with a lo-fi delay effect. Since the inspiration for the filter came mainly from Japanese synths of the past like the Korg MS-20 Olivier (from Mutable Instrumens) decided to go for a Nipponic theme for the graphics on the PCBs and the cases. We created a manga-styled version of the goddes Saraswati (Mutable Instrument’s logo) an imaginary Kamon and various typographic elements.

Btw. you might remember the 4-Pole Mission I did some time ago, the creepy dog I made back then is now available as a print on

And for the synth nerds out there, this is how it sounds:

Photos by Olivier Gillet – Mutable Instruments

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